Save Humans, Save Gaza.

Long Story Short, No Matter Your Beliefs, Profession, Or Nationality. As Far As You Are Human, Here We Are Showing You Briefly What Israel Is Doing In Gaza.

They are kids too.

They deserve a promising future as your kids too.

We know Gaza responds from a time to another, but do you know the statistics? Numbers? What is the impact, and how many humans from each side dismissed throughout these fights?

The graph on the sideshows clearly exactly the number of injuries and deaths throughout the past 20 years. And the totals. For more details, check Forbes’ report.

Numbers Refers To

  • Israel
  • Palestine

There are too many brands that support Israel; while you are using them, you, in an indirect way helping Israel buy, develop weapons that kill kids daily.

Your contribution by sharing is more than enough. But if you could add, enhance something, we are so glad to collaborate. ​

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