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Your valuable support is highly appreciated as our goal is to achieve more and more humans across the globe. We created our banner, which could be used in any platform to place an HTML code or post and image. Here you could find multiple ways to support us achieve our objective.

1. Black Curved Banner:

The banner will appear at the very bottom of your pages. And will open our website in a new window. this will avoid you losing any of your visitors, the thing we will never mean to do.

					<a href="https://savegaza.net" target="_blank" style="position: fixed;bottom: 0px;left: 20px;x;left: 40px;z-index: 999;"><img decoding="async" src="https://savegaza.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/bannar1.png" alt="SaveGaza" /></a>

Help and support
Copy the code above, Place it anywhere after your page right after the tag.

we are always open for suggestions; if you have a suggested image to be a new banner for that purpose, please share it through our email: hello [at] SaveGaza.net

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